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Reliable Crowns & Bridges in Cleveland

When you need a dental restoration to protect, rebuild, or replace a tooth, you want to know that you're receiving a quality restoration that's placed by a skilled and experienced dentist. Jeffrey A. Carson, DDS, MAGD, is a highly trained dental professional with expertise beyond a general dentist. He combines his ability with the latest techniques to create quality crowns and bridges that are expertly customized to your needs.

Whether you need a consultation to discuss a possible extraction or   to address an urgent situation, Dr. Carson and his team are here for you. Contact our office and schedule your visit today!


What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are dental prosthetics that can be made from a variety of different materials. They encase your natural tooth, protecting its health and adding durability. Dental crowns are best for repairing teeth with extensive decay or damage. Once placed, you can eat your favorite foods without feeling pain or worrying about further damage.

To design a crown for your decayed or damaged tooth, Dr. Carson will take an imprint of your bite. Typically, it takes between 10 and 14days for our local labs to complete lab work.

To ensure that you receive quality crowns in Cleveland, our team will explain various available materials, including gold, porcelain, and other natural options, and guide you in making the right choice for your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Why Would I Need a Dental Crown?

Besides repairing extensively damaged teeth, we also use dental crowns for implant-supported tooth restoration or to seal teeth after a root canal. You may need a dental crown to:

  • Repair severe cavities and prevent further decay
  • Cover a cracked or broken tooth
  • Anchor dental bridges
  • Protect your tooth after a root canal procedure
  • Improve your smile
  • Cover deep tooth discoloration
  • Complete a dental implant

What Are Dental Bridges?

Our Cleveland dental bridges are best for those who have several missing teeth in a row. As the name suggests, bridges use adjoining teeth as anchors, providing a permanent solution. Just like a dental crown, a dental bridge is designed to provide long-lasting relief for your missing teeth. They also offer additional benefits beyond replacing your missing teeth. These benefits include:

  • Improved speech
  • Preserved facial structure
  • Improved self-confidence and smile
  • Restored bite function
  • Prevention of teeth shifting

The process of fixing dental bridges is quite similar to that of crowns. Dr. Carson will shape the neighboring teeth for crowns to act as support for the pontic (replacement tooth). He will then take impressions to ensure a precise custom fit. Alternatively, the bridge could be supported by a pair of dental implants.

Why Choose Our Team for Bridges and Crowns in Cleveland?

Dr. Carson and his team understand that a damaged or missing tooth can lead to several problems, both for your health and your quality of life. We can use a crown or bridge to address these problems and improve your oral and overall health.

If you need dental bridges or crowns fixed, you'll want a professional with expertise in handling various dental procedures. Dr. Carson and his team have many years of unrivaled experience and are committed to providing genuine and compassionate care. Dr. Carson has earned a Masters of the Academy of General Dentistry, a title that indicates his advanced training beyond the standard dental degree and is only held by 1% of dentists across the U.S.

Our team also offers emergency dental options for those with urgent health needs. Dr. Carson makes every effort to see patients of record within twenty-four hours so that they can get the care they need. If your situation is a true emergency, our dentist is flexible and can see you after working hours or on weekends. Even if you are not a patient of record, Dr. Carson will do his best to work with you and evaluate your smile to determine your needs and whether we are the right team to provide your care.

Caring for Your Dental Crown or Bridge

While dental crowns and bridges provide long-term solutions, they are prone to damage, especially if you chew hard foods, such as ice. Dental diseases causing bone or tooth loss can also loosen crowns and bridges. Therefore, you should take care of these prosthetics for them to last as long as possible.

Observing good oral hygiene is the best way to have crowns and bridges that last a lifetime. Brushing your teeth daily, using interdental brushes to clean between them, and using antimicrobial mouth rinses can improve its lifeline. Our dentists will guide you on at-home hygiene techniques and answer any questions you have about caring for your restoration.

Get Quality Dental Bridges and Crowns in Cleveland

At the dental practice of Jeffrey A Carson, DDS, MAGD, we work to ensure that you achieve your smile goals. We leverage our team's impeccable skills and expertise to give you a smile you can feel proud of. If you're looking for a crown or bridge in Cleveland from an experienced dentist, Dr. Carson is here to help. Call our office to book an appointment today.


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